About New Pilates

Anna is a professional New Pilates trainer and instructor with over 15 years experience.
For her fitness has always been a passion she also competed in various sports such as Triathlon, Athletics and Aerobic.


After I tried so many different kind of sport, I found Pilates as the most effective, safe and suitable method of moving for everybody.
Pilates means staying in the golden mean, between the two extremes, expecting the satisfaction from fulfilling the exercise and not from the pleasant feeling.

These are the Pilates Rules:

  • Centering, Stabilization
  • Control
  • Concentration
  • Flow or Efficiency of Movement
  • Breath
  • Precision

I took advantage of my new intuation, without detracting from the original corpus of the Pilates technique, than I made it brandnew.

It features unique type of exercise that helps you to achieve your ideal – balanced body! The best shape of your life!

It is the method that you’ll stick with, because the fit for life workouts are refreshening and rejuvenating. The sessions are the perfect integration of Pilates, resistance training, balance and awareness moves injected with a mix of cardio, all while being mindful to form and flow.

NewPilates by Anna Decker closes the gap between wanting and doing.

“Ten classes and you feel the difference, twenty classes and you see the difference, after thirty you will have a completely new body.” – Joseph H. Pilates

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