Course length: 1h 1m

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for everyone who would like to do New Pilates in an interesting way using the ladder.

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Why should I take this course?

The ladder is a unique tool, helps your balance, motivate your cardio moves, support your strenghtening exercises. The handbar on the top can work as a ballet bar for you, but the greatest things that you have additional steps as well, in three degree of difficulty. You can use as a step aerobic tool, but on the ladder you have also support for your spine thanks to the handbar and soft cover on the steps to save your ankle and feet. I put also additional band on the two side of the handbar, this is the best and most effective resistance for your special butt and legs work.

How online courses work?

If you purchase one of our curses you get unlimited access to all the videos which are included (check out the full curriculum). You can watch the videos online as many times as you wish. In order to fully master the movements, you have to repeat them multiple times.

Course Curriculum

Full Course
Home exercises with the ladder – FULL course 01:01:07
Course videos
Cardio with the ladder 00:13:49
Strengthening exercises with the ladder 00:13:02
Abdominal exercises 00:08:17
Butt and thigh exercises 00:08:39
Exercise on the ladder using a band 00:07:57
Exercise on the ladder using a band 2 00:05:02
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