NewPilates attracts expatriates internationally, we have clients from many countries in Europe, as well as from the USA and Australia. As an instructor living in Hungary, I am privileged to be influenced and inspired by this multicultural experience. I cannot cease to express my gratitude to all of my amazing clients!

Viktória Paulik


“New Pilates is the most creative and effective training that I`ve ever tried. It changed my life.The way Anna is doing it is never boring.”

Alia Alevgramy


“I love Anna and her methods of teaching me, she is my motivation and only she can push me like no one! Just look at her, she’s a role model!”

Ursula Stemmer


“Since more than 5 years now I am doing workout Pilates with Anna. She is very professional, a creative instructor and a perfect motivator. Each lesson is always a great experience. Apart from that… she is a wonderful person.”

Lenka Jarolim

Czech Republic

“Excellent workout for entire body: first you feel it, soon you see the results. Anna motivates me to achieve more and more. Her classes are important part of my life in Budapest.”

Éva Patai


“Anna has been my trainer for 15 years. She is so passionate about fitness that it is contagious. She makes each and every workout, challenging, different and best of all fun. She motivates me to push past of my limits and it feels great.”

Andrea Mihok


“Anna’s inventive pilates classes challenged my body and mind to improve different postures, enhance muscular control and create a perfect balance between my toned body and inner circle “

Antal Ilona


“Pilates with Anna is the best way to start my day:). It’s true fun and hard work combined. I also love that there’ s always music. I’m 50 and I’m sure that this is the perfect sport for my age. “

Turbucz Erika


“I love her perfection!
Always fresh, never boring!
She can invent new exercies day by day.:)”

Inger Mikkelsen


“For more than two years I have enjoyed doing pilates with Anna. What started as a temporarily cure to a pain in the lower back, turned into regularly weekly classes. The combination of hard work, visible results and the nice and fun atmosphere at the classes has made pilates with Anna part of my weekly routine here in Budapest.”

Zsuzsanna Kopanyine Horvath


“Anna’s classes are a combination of constant new suprises and physical challenges. I enjoy each moments of her classes.”

Kupi Szimonetta


“It’s hard to find words for the ways Anna is different from my previous trainers. IN EVERYTHING. Gentle, but keeps you motivated. Empathic, but never lets place for laziness. She is a leader in pilates, just like me at work. This is why I love her.”

Ágnes Martin-Ferenczi


“Fitness always has been part of Anna’s life. I have met her and started training with her when she was still competing. Now, 20 years later she still looks amazingly fit and beautiful and I am still training with her, because she is a great inspiration for me and many other women with families and busy life style that exercising should be part of it on a daily basis in order to stay fit and healthy on a long term. Pilates offers a variety of exercises, therefore it won’t get boring during the time.”

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