New Pilates exercises are designed to stretch and strengthen muscles, as the base of Pilates, in a dynamic, exciting and challenging way.

Anna added artistic gymnastics to classic Pilates. For example an exercise executed on the even bar requires focus throughout a series of motions with which the gymnasts become more flexible and strong.

With New Pilates exercises over strengthening is preventable while achieving the desired form of a harmonic, toned, slim body.
Instrutors place a great amount of focus on the protection of the muscles, joints in order to avoid injury.

With New Pilates program you can achieve eye catching results in a short period of time. Of course not forgetting the “healthy lifestyle”.
A balanced diet, sleep and the right amount of exercise will create the desired results.

“Ten classes and you feel the difference,
twenty classes and you see the difference,
after thirty you will have a completely new body.”

Joseph H. Pilates

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