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Toned by the Flow, 40 perces New Pilates edzés

A “Toned by the Flow” egy közép-haladó szintű pilates program. Egyik különlegessége, hogy álló helyzetben kezdünk. (A klasszikus pilates csak …

(Upper-) Intermediate New Pilates Course

This course is for those who have some initial Pilates experience and would like to take their skills to the next level. The exercises in this course are more advanced and requires a good level of physics.

Five Exercises for a Successful Week

Course length: 18m (5 videos included in the course)

Home Exercises with the Ladder

Course length: 1h 1m

Home New Pilates Course

This course is for everyone who are interested in practicing New Pilates at home. Wether you are at beginner or intermediate level this course is right for you.

New Pilates Reformer Course

In this course I’m going to show you some more advanced New Pilates excercises on the reformer. These exercises are on the reformer or on the leader as tools I use bends from the ceiling or from the reformer or weighted balls.
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