Hello, I’m Anna.

I have competed in many different kinds of sport in my life from triathlon to competition aerobics and Ms Fitness.

I became Hungarian Champion was invited to the Suzuki World Cup in Tokyo. After three successful years achieving great results, I decided to take part in the Ms Fitness competition and went on to become both Hungarian and European champion.

I competed at the Arnold Classic World Championship in Ohio where I placed top 10 worldwide and the World Class Tour in Stockholm where I placed second.

I gained a diploma from the Budapest University of Physical Education and I am a professional aerobics and fitness instructor. I then went on to certify as a Master Pilates teacher!

I have travelled a great deal around the world – not only as a sports competitor but also to obtain an international education and broaden my experience. I have attended Pilates tours in Köln and San Diego, and exhibitions in Monaco and San Francisco.

After so many experiences, I have developed my own method: NewPilatesbyAD

I love to use my creativity and imagination to accomplish special combinations and design new movements to make my training more effective and fun.

These days, I teach my own method in Budapest at an international pilates studio. In addition to my local guests, I teach clients from many different countries allowing me to meet, and gain an insight in to, people with various cultural backgrounds.

Anna Decker

Anna Decker

Anna is a professional New Pilates trainer and instructor
with over 15 years experience.

Fitness has always been a passion for her.
She has competed across the globe in a wide variety of sports.

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